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After home a bit of home

The past few weeks (or months) in Hungary have been exciting and boring at the same time. Right after I got home from the States I had to be in quarantine for two weeks. This may not seem like a longe time, especially by taking into consideration that I had exams anyway, but it felt like ages for me. I mean I could not even leave the building I am living in. Moreover, the police came to check on me every day. Sometimes they thought I was "lost" and in other times I simply "became a gentleman". If we ignore these minor misunderstandings I can state that by the end of the two weeks I kind of made some "police friends". But turning the story a bit more serious let's have a look at the past months and the upcoming ones.

Generally, my summer (and I know it is still summer) went well, but the weather could have been better. I got a chance to meet some friends from my Hungarian as well as Thai highschool. I am not lying if I say that those three days while my friends visiting from Spain and Austria really made my summer. I got a chance to be a "tourist" in my own country and see Budapest from different perspectives. I was also lucky to walk a lot, like a looooot, and explore parts of the city I used to see from a car. Similarly spending time with my Hungarian friends was amazing. We went on a day trip to Balaton, visited a lavender field, sat by the riverside, and talked for hours. These people made a HUGE positive impact on my summer experience.

I also had lots of time to spend with my family. This period of time could be stressful sometimes due to the pandemic. It made it difficult for us to decide what is best for me in the upcoming semester. It took us hours and hours and perhaps days to decide that I will be staying in Hungary for 2020's fall semester, which has already started a week ago. So yes, I am continuing my studies at UNC remotely. This definitely makes me nervous and I know it is going to be more work, but safety comes first. I am looking forward to spending so much time in Hungary I did not in the past three years.

I would like to say that my first year at UNC was an amazing experience and I can't wait to return to our busy, always lively campus for spring (if COVID-19 wants me too). I am excited to reunite with my friends who are now all over the US and the world, to go to football and basketball games. I quite miss living in a dorm, being surrounded by my friends and classmates, and going to the music building to play the piano. But for now, I have to be happy with my amazing professors, exciting classes (Evolutionary Biology, Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry Lab, Sociology, and Statistical Psychology) - if organic Chemistry is considered to be exciting, and the challenge to make connections with my peers online. I am also planning on participating in Hungary's UWC community more actively this semester. I miss my UWC family and I am dedicated to making peoAfter home a bit of homeple know about UWC because it really is a life-changing experience.

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