• Abigél Miskolczi

Am I retired or simply exhausted?

I have been in Hungary for so long that it seems unrealistic. I really enjoy being home but not so much having online classes. Most of my professors are doing a fantastic job teaching and keeping students motivated, but the content just seems significantly more. I assume this is because with asynchronous classes the duration of the classes is "extended". Still, I enjoy most of my classes.

My routine has definitely shifted a lot. I have never enjoyed 8 am classes so much. Obviously, due to the time difference, they are in the afternoon, and early afternoon classes are in the evening. Some days I am in class until midnight, which is slightly extreme but the TAs and professors are quite understanding. So if we look at a day of mine I usually wake up around 9.30 am and have classes from 2 pm or 4 pm to 7 pm, except the extreme cases. Tuesdays and Thursdays are busy since I have 3 back - to - back lectures with 30 minutes of breaks in between. During those 30 minutes, I am exponentially improving my cooking skills. Let me tell you that now more than making scrambled eggs I can cook pasta, tomato soup, and some other "extremely" complex dish including microwaved food. But being serious it is funny how my class ends I rush to the kitchen and in my 20 minutes - because the classes are never finished on time - I try to make something that will get me through the rest of the day.

Mornings are on the other end of the story. The other day I felt like if I was retired. Imagine yourself getting up and making a cup of tea. Sit next to the window, see some neighbours passing by while enjoying your breakfast, and catching up on some news or social media. Sounds surrealistic for a college student doesn't it?! I don't want you to have the wrong impression I usually have lots of homework to do in the mornings since "my mornings are my afternoons and my afternoons are my mornings", but I do have some minimal time to enjoy such calm moments in the village where I live.

The last thing I wanted to share is how some of my classes influence my life. I never took Sociology before but it seems to be really interesting and it certainly makes students do some weird stuff. We were given a task to break a social norm, so I decided to go to a shop in PJs and act strangely. It was quite a funny scene sitting in the middle of the shop, wearing my Snoopy pajama, and wearing a mask of course. I got some strange looks, and I was extremely out of my comfort zone. I still advise you to try to observe society in a slightly different way sometimes. I think the power of different perspectives is incredible and exciting.

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