• Abigél Miskolczi

Community power

Usually, I don't use this blog to share my thoughts, because this is more of an online diary for me. This time I will make an exception. Everybody knows that I spent the past months back home just like anybody else. This time was enough to think deeply about some issues. I am not trying to be "wise" and tell people what to do, which I must note beforehand.

This post is only for you to get a few of my thoughts!

COVID-19 is not good for anyone. Conflicts in the world are not safe for people. But there is a quite obvious common detail. PEOPLE. These unfortunate events showed us, humans, that we are able to cooperate on a greater level. We can support our family, peers, and even people we never met, from the other side of the world. I saw this as an opportunity for us to learn. To develop our understanding, empathy, patience, and humanness. It is sad how such deadly events have to open up our eyes to see our abilities to be better people. So what I am thinking is that we can move forward and progress in our lives while we keep these values. Our planet needs love, otherwise, it will die and humans will too. Global warming, disease - like another Ebola breakout in DRC-, poverty, pollution are just some of the global issues we face. But WE face it together and WE can solve it. It is just a mindset. It is a mindset to stay home to protect others, it is a mindset to share the pain, it is a mindset to be "loud" on social media for others. Similarly, it is a mindset to use less plastic, to make less trash, to recycle, to care and love for nature. In my opinion, we had/have to learn it the hard way that we are all equal and that with shared power we are strong enough. We are not in a fight. We just have to learn how to collaborate with eachother and with our planet.

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