• Abigél Miskolczi

Finally snow!

It has been a while since I got to experience snow. Living in Thailand took away the fun of winter. Even though I visited home over winter breaks in the past years there was only one snowy day in 2018. Not surprisingly the fact that we got like 3-4cm snow in Chapel Hill lighted up my day. I usually do not write about so specific experiences, but this one that really turned my mood upside down and caused nostalgia about my childhood. I used to play outside in the garden with Zsófi when it was snowing and as I grew older I forgot how much fun that really was, until today... Some friends and I went outside and built a snowman and had a bit of a snowball fight. I found it funny how all of the college students could turn into children again and how we could all forget about studying. It may sound childish but I believe that we should all live for the small happy moments like this. I would be lying if I said this was not one, if not the best day of my university experience soo far. So let me paint you a picture of this day that will remain in my memory for a long time.

So yesterday the weather forecast "promised" snow for today, but since Chapel Hill's weather is a bit unexpectable and two days ago we were wearing T-shirts, I did not really believe it. Then I woke up today and the "magic promise was still there." I went to class, more specifically Computer Science where I had a midterm. Even though I really hoped that the class would get canceled this never happened. Then the day continued and any time I checked the weather forecast the "time of snowing" was just getting later and later. I gave up on hope and then came the first snowflakes. In a few hours, the university turned white and people started building snowmen and the magic of winter and memories of my past filled my day. I always asked for snow as a birthday gift or for a white Christmas. Even though I did not get any of that (in the past two years), I got an incredible white 20.02.2020.

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