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Harshad 2022!

You are probably wondering what Harshad is unless you know a lot about Math (which I don't). But here is the idea. If a number can be divided by the sum of its digits without a remainder it is said to be a Harshad number. Now, after this improvised fun fact let me tell you about the end of '21 and the start of '22.

Going back to Hungary after my 5th semester at UNC was a bit emotional. It is always difficult to leave a place and the people there behind. The past few days in Chapel Hill were amazing. I spent a lot of time with some new people, but I also go to see my friends from freshman year. After the finals, Amy and I did a bit of exploring. We went to Pittsboro, checked out some winter lights, went to a Christmas fair, and even did a little walk near Apex.

At the same time, I was super excited to see my family, to eat good cheese (you all know that is crucial), and to experience some Christmas fairs back home as well. In Hungary, I had to get a couple of things done, including getting my COVID booster. Christmas time in my family is always a bit hectic because we have birthdays all over the place. It was great to see family. After a bit of time, it was amazing to have a Christmas lunch with the family. I am sure you all exactly understand how many boundaries COVID has brought us, but hopefully, family gatherings can soon become "normal" again.

Some other fun I got to do was going to Győr, where I recalled the class trip we had when I was in grade 8. I also got to see some of my classmates from UWCT and reunited with some of my Hungarian friends. This break was so special because after like 4 years this was the first time both my sister and I actually had free time and we could spend a decent amount of time together. We celebrated New Year's Eve together on a mountaintop with some of her friends. Playing board games, drinking kid's champagne, and county back the last seconds of 2021 under the sky-covered sky was unforgettable. I also found it really funny that all of my friends from the USA were still in 2021 when we were in 2022. I am not a big fan of January 1st but this year the lentil "pottage" (lencsefőzelék) turned out particularly good and that put me in a much better mood.

After a few days in January I still got to spend with my family I had to leave. It does not matter how many times I say bye to my family it does not get any easier. I really tried to say goodbye in a good mood but I failed - just like always. After a dozen of teardrops, combined at least 4 hours in security and immigration lines, 2 connections, 28 hours, a lost suitcase, and a rock music heavy ride from the airport I made it to my dorm. At least now I know what to do when my suitcase decides to become independent haha.

It was fantastic to see my friends again, not so much to start classes mainly online due to COVID. Yesterday Jack and I went to the orchestra. This gave me the opportunity to practice my fantastic makeup skills. Listening to Beethoven's pieces and observing the perfect harmony between the musicians was unbelievable. I don't think I will ever forget that night. To make things even better a fantastic dorm mate of mine woke me up today with the fact that we eventually got some snow (evidence that 2022 will be a great year)! I feel like an excited child on Christmas morning that winter made its debut this year regardless of global warming.

I think that is it for now!

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