• Abigél Miskolczi

Hey, there junior year!

The past month has passed by quite fast, but there has been a lot going on. Right before I came back to the States I got to go to the woods for a few days. At that point, it seemed like a fantastic idea, and indeed I had an amazing time. We went on hikes, visited the nearby villages, and even explored an adventure park. Disregarding the fact that I still have bruises on my leg from that fascinating experience it was truly exciting and beautiful. The place where we stayed had no connection, and it was really great to get detached from reality for a few days. But the very same thing made it extremely difficult to leave Hungary. Coming back from that trip I realized how much I had to do in such a short time to get ready to leave.

At that point I have been home for more than a year I did not believe I will be able to get on that plane to Amsterdam, Atlanta, and to RDU. It felt like the hardest leave I have done in the past 5 years. However, when arriving I had amazing surprises. My friends came to the airport (and I did not know that they will be all coming), they got me cake, and drove me to UNC. Fairly soon I noticed how much English I forgot so I have been working to get that back. 😅 Another super kind thing my host mom did was to get my stuff dropped at my dorm by the time I arrived and left me a note that she could not let me arrive without having my stuff. This was really moving because I was told that there was no way for that to be arranged, but somehow she figured it out.

Since arriving back to UNC I joined back the gymnastics club and have been practicing my fantastic skills. I feel like I am getting better slowly. So right now I am probably at the level of a 4-year-old, which is kind of funny. Still, it is always a great time to get myself moving and put studying aside for a bit. Oh yeah, schoolwork... There is just way too much to do all the time. I am not quite sure how am I going to manage this semester but will figure it out eventually.

I also had a chance to meet up with friends, go for a couple of long walks on campus, and re-explore. With some international peers I went for a short hike, and with another group, we had a cooking night, where we used all of our creativity to make some veggie pasta. I also went to see some football (or soccer for my US readers) games and decorated my room. So overall the past month has been great, but I already feel exhausted and exams already started. So that is it for all. I will be back... 😁

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