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Semester closing and looking ahead to summer

Hi there on the last day of Spring!

As usual, I am back and I will not even explain why it took me so long to catch you all up. If you read my blog, by now, you probably noticed that it takes time for my blog to be updated. 🤪 But let's jump right into it and let me tell you what has been going on lately.

I finished finals and with that, I also finished half of my undergraduate experience. It is crazy how fast time flies and I cannot believe that this online year went past so quickly. By the end of the second Zoom semester, I got used to time differences, flipped schedules, and virtual university in general. Regardless of the many challenges this year held I could close the classes satisfied. I do not like to talk about my grades, and definitely do not want to compare to anyone but I thought this one time I may share. The reason for this is that I managed to get a GPA of 4.0 for the past two semesters and I cannot believe I did that. So to everyone still studying and feeling that your hard work is not paying off give yourself a bit more time and be really proud of what you have already achieved.

Now that school is over and so is analytical Chemistry I will give you an insight into my summer plans. Soon after I finished exams I went back to my old job and continued babysitting. I really enjoy this, and it amazes me how much and how quickly children grow, develop, and learn. I feel really exhausted so I only work part-time now. In the upcoming weeks I hope to start teaching sciences in a summer camp, and dig a bit into research and /or lab work opportunities for the fall semester. A hurting point at the moment is that I really would like to get involved in peer tutoring but for that, I would need to take a 3 credit class. I do not really think I could fit this course into my schedule without risking graduating on time. Therefore I am being a bit hesitant on how to pick my classes for the fall. Either way, I have to make this decision soon because my class registration is approaching really quickly.

Talking about the fall semester it seems like I will be returning to UNC for my junior year. At some point, this makes me really happy and excited, but another part of me just really wants to stay in Hungary. It has been a while since I got to spend so much time in Hungary, with my family and other important people. I feel sad thinking about leaving and having to say goodbye for months. Luckily, I still have the entire summer to go on adventures, spend time with friends, and make more memories. It is a bit disappointing that the weather is so rainy and cold, but I am hopeful that with summer the weather will get better soon.

Last but not least for today, I wanted to share an amazing experience I had last week. I got to meet with some people from the Hungarian UWC community (who put me on the road for not only writing this blog but on the road to where I am now). It was wonderful to catch up with some long not seen friends, and meet some of the new faces who are just about to start their 2-year UWC experience. (If you are one of those students thinking of applying next, year please DO!) That is all for now and I will not disappoint you and will be back in the next 4 months sometimes. 😉

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