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"Some things never change"

Welcome Back!

I am surprised how I managed to get myself writing again. You all know that usually, it takes me a good three months to get my thoughts together and write something here. But today I really got the enthusiasm, energy, and not the time to do this!

The past week at UNC was a bit unusual, and you may think this is always the case, which is also true to some extent, but let me tell you what has been happening. After last semester, when pretty much everything was online, and our fall break was canceled, UNC noticed that the students got extremely tired and exhausted. Soon they made a decision that we would have some "wellness days" instead of the spring break - this semester - when we can recharge and relax. I think I can say in the name of most students that this is much appreciated and needed. So after a month of classes, we had an amazing long weekend. I got to go for a hike, sleep a bit more than usual, and vivify my memories of Thailand. I had been in contact with a few people but this time I decided that I will try to recall the tastes and smells of Thailand as well.

I am not a big chef, more than, that the most complicated thing I can make is probably easter bread. I learned how to bake that in grade 8 (if my memory is not misleading me) and every once in a while I refresh this skill. This time, however, I decided to do something more complicated and more extreme. At around 6.30 pm yesterday I realised that I wanted to make fried rice. This would be nothing extraordinary if I had the ingredients and shops would not be closing at 7.00 pm. So in a bit of a rush, I managed to buy soy sauce and lime, and within an hour I started making fried rice for the very first time in my life. It was hectic and chaotic. It is enough if I say that I did not burn down the kitchen and nothing had to be thrown away. I felt proud and happy. It was amazing to have a bit of "Thai" time in the middle of a pandemic and in the middle of Europe.

And this was still not enough. Today I noticed that fried rice is nothing without Thai milk tea, so I went on to look, and search, and I found a half bag of original Thai tea. Within seconds I felt like I was back at Green Shop with my friends, fulfilling our addiction to Thai milk tea. The house now smells like Thailand and I could not be more delighted.

At UNC classes were canceled due to weather conditions so this week has been pretty survivable. This is usually not the case. This semester I am taking 17 credits which is quite a bit. This includes two labs that are so much work. Still, what I am learning is interesting. Dealing with time difference is not even an issue anymore. To be honest, the fact that Hungary has a curfew at 8.00 pm is much harder than "trying to live six hours behind Hungarian time". Do not misunderstand me. Classes are a lot of work, exams, quizzes, and papers are coming up all the time but this does not change the fact that I like UNC. I enjoy the people and I do not hesitate for even a second to state that two years ago I made a really good decision when I accepted my offer to join the Tar Heel family.

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