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Status quo update

Hello back!

Now that final exams are only a few weeks away I thought it would be great to look back and update everybody on how things have been going this semester. More than the general "I am drowning in homework" and there is just school going on I decided to share some of my favorite memories from the last few months.

First things first I met some amazing people who stood by my side no matter how much I was struggling. I really appreciate this experience because during my sophomore year back home I did not get to meet as many new people and I am grateful that now I can. I also got to go to the North Carolina State Fair with some of my new peers. It gave me a huge throwback October fest in Germany. It was amazing! We got to try fried Oreos, sat on a carousel, and saw some of the world's biggest pumpkins and watermelons. Soon after that amazing journey my friend Lucy and I decided to go to Washington D.C. I was hesitant and did not really feel like going but I knew I would regret missing the opportunity. And I was certainly right. It was amazing! We spent many hours on freezing buses but the following day we got to see the capital, the Lincoln Memorial, the Natural History Museum, several parks, and the White House. It felt amazing to be a tourist for a day and forget about all the difficulties I was facing at the time.

More than these major events my every days here at UNC have been generally happy. I started making steps toward deciding what to do after graduation, I sorted out my flight back to Hungary for the winter (since it was cancelled haha), and I reunited with my host mom after almost 2 years. She made dinner and we had a fantastic time catching up! What else?

I went to a harp concert as well as an opera where one of my friends was performing. Both of those art-related events amazed me and I am extremely glad for Amy who made me actually go. I sat there and could not believe how talented my tar heel fellows are! I had the same feeling when I went for some volleyball and a basketball game! Long story short I tried to spend more time actually living and making memories rather than making deep friendships with my textbooks. I had hour-long conversations with people as well as hour-long walks in the forests. I feel like I did not have enough time to do all the things with my friends I would like to but I will continue working on time management, because as I always say we have time for what we make time for!

Last but not least I for a second time experienced Haloween on Franklin street. I saw several fantastic dresses including a whole grocery store, crew members from the Squid Game, and so on. So things have been busy and exciting over here.

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