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Summer vibes and coming flights

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

As I am entering the last 10 days I spend in Hungary for a while, I thought it was a nice time to look back on the summer of 2021.

I am really happy with how this summer turned out. Even though I could have a really chill summer with a lot of resting I decided not to do that. I was babysitting and as I hoped I started teaching Sciences as well. I was teaching 3rd-grade students for 3 weeks. I introduced Biology, Chemistry, and Geography to them. I am hopeful that some of them will dig deeper into the world of Sciences due to their experience in these 3 weeks.

More than that I was trying to be a bit more active physically this summer than I usually am. I did workouts and I started running again. It is sometimes hard to make myself go out there and run in the heat, but as lucky as I am I got some people to motivate me. I am planning on continuing an active lifestyle at UNC where I would like to join volleyball and gymnastics again and I may get a bit more involved in hiking and climbing as well.

The summer was also full of nice events that I really missed. My mother, sister, and I got to travel to Greece which was truly amazing and beautiful. It was a big dream of mine to go to Greece and I was not at all disappointed when it came true. We spent 5 days in Rhodes. We visited the old town of Rhodes, went Geocaching, ate a lot, and rested. We all needed some time off and this was possibly the best timing for that.

Another long missed experience was to go to a UWC camp again. After 4 years of not going, I joined the newbies this year and also reunited with Hungary's 2017 scholars. We went to Tata, the same place I went as a fresh scholar. The community and the weather were amazing, but not as amazing as the new people I got to meet. Talking for hours in the middle of the night, drawing a cartoon, and creating a volleyball court were just some of the unforgettable memories I made. It was much needed to reunite with this fantastic group and I can't wait to go again and get even more involved in the committee's everydays.

Looking forward I know the upcoming 10 days will be really busy and full of activities as well. With a small group, we are traveling within Hungary for a few more days. I also have to buy my textbooks, prepare and pack for the next semester, and get a negative PCR test to be able to go back to UNC where I can meet my long not seen friends again. That is it for now!

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