• Abigél Miskolczi

Thanksgiving and 2020!

Welcome back! I know it's been a while but it's time to look back what happened in the past few months and have a little bit of reflection.

So in November, we celebrated Thanksgiving which was one of the best experiences of mine. I was going to go to one of my friends' house for a day but then I ended up staying there for almost the entire break. I got to see a different part of North Carolina because she lives in Apex. We explored that area a little bit and we spent a lot of time together playing games and also studying. 🙃

In December, after a whole bunch of exams, I went home for winter break where I met my family again after 5 months. It was really nice to celebrate Christmas and New Year's with them and especially with my sister. For now, it became traditional that Zsófi and I celebrate the upcoming year with kids' champagne, so that could not be missed.

Coming back to UNC for the second semester I am taking a bit different classes. So for this semester, I have History, Computer Science, Introduction to African American studies, Genetics, Chemistry (this did not change), and Fitness. More than just academics I also decided to continue gymnastics and from a sudden of nowhere, I got the idea of joining a dance club. Consequently, I went to the auditions and I made it to the ballet and modern teams.

Last but not least yesterday Amy, Lucy and I went to Hanging Rock Park. It was a beautiful place and we got lucky because the weather was really nice. We visited a couple of waterfalls, a cave we went up on the top of a mountain, which took us approximately 298 stairs. But in the end, we got to see the view, which made me fall in love with the mountains again. ❤ It was a really energetic day since we drove for hours and listen to music and visited Lawsonville. Thereafter we went to Bojangles' where I tried the "traditional American biscuit" - which kind of tasted like bread- and finally watched Frozen - just like college students do. 🤪

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