• Abigél Miskolczi

The UNC fall

It has been a while - just like usual, so it is time for a brief catch up. More than just studying, walking form class to class and developing a surprisingly strong friendship with Davis library I have experienced amazing things at UNC so far. I am not saying, it has been hard sometimes, but it seems to worth it.

First of all, let me tell you some about my studies. So since I am unable to make decisions, I am still undecided, but for now, it seems that I will be majoring in Psychology. I got a chance to participate in an fMRI study, which I indeed really enjoyed. This experience gave me the last push, so I guess my next four years will drive me through cognitive, behavioural and developmental roads.

More than just the "boring academic life" I joined an IM volleyball team and soon came to the realisation that I got really lucky. My team is kind, funny, and nonetheless really talented. I enjoyed all of our games a lot and got to recall memories from the most exciting games I have ever had. Furthermore, thanks to one of my Policy classmates I ended up joining the UNC Gymnastics club. Now you probably wonder what do I have to do with that, which is a reasonable question. So let me tell you! After teaching gymnastics for two years it was my turn to be the student... So yes I am completely like a four-year-old learning how to do backward rolls. (Trust me it is pretty entertaining).

Lastly, thanks to being an international student I got a chance to participate in international student events, where one of my friends and I started to collect amazing photos of ourselves. These snapshots may seem irrelevant, but if we get a chance to get them every semester it will be amazing to look back. Also, I got to meet my host mum. She is adventurous and we have plans to explore NC and the USA in the upcoming years. (No misunderstandings, I really miss Wendy, Henry, and Sid, but they are unfortunately on the other side of the world - literally).

So far it has been an amazing adventure, not even mentioning that the fall here is incredible. I used to hate fall because it was associated with rain, darkness and cold winds. But at UNC!!! The colors are fascinating and the weather is not too bad, at least not yet. So yes, I had some ups and downs but I am looking forward to the upcoming 4 years.

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