• Abigél Miskolczi


Hi everyone and welcome back!

These past few weeks have been challenging and exciting at the same time. I think it is important to remain positive even though most of the people have to transition to an "online life". Three weeks ago my cousin, sister, and I could freely walk on New York City's streets and now we are even limited to leave the house - just like everybody. So let me tell you how I got back to Hungary and what I am experiencing now. My family was really concerned that transportation would stop so they kept on telling me that I should go home. I was not too easy to convince until I realised that my flight got canceled. So I was in North Carolina, living in my dorm room - due to a special housing request - and was trying to move my flight. Eventually, I could start my journey and in a quick 24 - 26 hours I got home safely.

This is the part that I think worth mentioning. First of all, I am really thankful to all of the people who helped me while I was still in the States. Secondly, let me tell you about my travel day. I had my first ever online exam that day, so I had to go to the airport earlier than my flight so I could take my exam there. It was an interesting experience I am not going to lie. Then I flew to New York. I quickly joined another online class and then I had like 6 hours. Everything was closed, the airport was abandoned and my key goal was to get a bottle of pink lemonade for my sister. (Which I did but my overall mission failed, as I will explain later). It was a long six hours until I could spend another six hours on a plane to London. There I had a six hours long layover. (I know everything was six hours.) So I played the piano, did some online university stuff and was hoping that my flight would not get canceled, which in fact did not. Since I was entering Europe I had to go through security again where the pink lemonade had to go. But I still had the bottle, just to have a memory. Later on, I got on my flight to Budapest. The planes were relatively empty and the flight was calm. When I arrived, the airport staff was giving out masks, to those who did not have one, and were monitoring that we kept the required distance. Then we had an ambulance check. Here comes the tragic part of the story. The well-beloved pink lemonade glass fell - obviously in the extreme quiet - and so I lost the last piece of evidence that I really tried to get it. Finally, I had to have a conversation with the police and they explained that I will be in quarantine for two weeks. So now I am in quarantine and I a policeman check sometimes that I am actually where I have to be (aka at home).

After arriving home there was another surprise. It is not enough that at airport security in London they packed out everything of my bag and found nothing, that at RDU I had 9 extra pounds in my luggage that I had to reorganise into other bags, now there was a cute note that my checked-in language was opened up and checked too. Nothing was removed or anything, it was just kind of funny. And then UNC life continued. Now I am living in a weird schedule. Having classes in the afternoon and at night. Doing homework before classes and hoping that I will not have exams at midnight. But overall everything is going fine and I am happy I can be with my family. It has been a while that I was in Hungary for spring, Easter, my sister's birthday. I am really excited to experience it again how it is to live in Hungary and not just stay here for a few weeks of break.

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