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It has been a while since I last wrote something. From this time I will be writing in English. This is a brief story to explore how did that "W" change to "N".

In the past few months, I have gone through most probably one of the most hectic and exciting part of my life. I have done all my IB exams and graduated from UWC Thailand on the 25th of May. What not to say it was a heartbreaking experience. I will never forget the "practice graduations" and how we were trying to make that song at the end sound something like we put a lot of energy into. After that the dinner with our teacher and the beautiful time we got to spend with our, for now, grade12s. I am super grateful for them and will never forget the memories we made. After all, Graduation came. The moment we all waited for. And I just could not look at some people because it made me cry. I guess we supposed to be proud and happy but graduation for me was also like leaving a family and saying bye to all the people who helped me through the hard times till I got where I am now...

To UNC Chapel Hill!!!

This place really was a good choice. I have only been here for a few days, but it was enough to experience the difficulties of opening a bank account, not having a SIM card and getting lost on campus. So taking it seriously, this place is incredible. Everything is so organised, clean and big. But most importantly the people here are really helpful, kind and welcoming. Spending the past 3 days at orientation made me meet a lot of new people. I learned a lot and laughed with them. This journey begins and even tho it is hard to say or write that I am a university student I got here and it would not have been possible without many of you. ❤

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